What We Do

For the churches, with the churches!

SUMZBA provides a number of different services and projects to our members churches and the communities.

Our mission is to help help the churches in our association to consistently prosper, mature, and become stronger and more stable.  With this, our members are able to withstand the strong winds of adversity, controversy, and challenge.  Additionally, our churches then become more able to proclaim the gospel to our communities.  But how?

Our association exists for the churches, to aid them in fulfilling their tasks, thereby also service Christ.  We are focused on the churches, to help them gather their communities into their fellowships and influence.  We also cooperate to establish new churches in places where there is no effective evangelical witness being given.

If your church is in need of help, please do not hesitate to call our office!  Remember, our major goal is to help you find the resources and partnerships to make you flourish and shine in your communities in service to Jesus and the Kingdom.

A few of the ways we can minister to you and your church:

  • Encourage and minister to pastors and their families
  • Encourage and strengthen churches
  • Encourage and promote cooperation between churches
  • Lead in starting new Bible groups and congregations
  • Give advice on doctrinal, legal, and professional matters
  • Encourage the proclamation of the gospel to everyone
  • Help churches in need of a pastor and help pastors seeking a church
  • Promote prayer and offerings for missions
  • Provide specific training for church growth, discipleship and stewardship in all areas of church life
  • Provide times of fellowship, worship, training, and ministry opportunities with the churches of the association
  • Help teach and nurture individuals and churches in spiritual development
  • Create awareness of, help coordinate and/or conduct worship services, missions opportunities, and special events
  • Aid and encourage churches, pastors and individuals to live a life which reflects themselves as sold-out disciples of Jesus Christ and be consistent authentic witnesses to the world around them.