NKBA Partnership Prayer Points

  • Pray for divine meetings with key community members.
    Building relationships with key community members is critical when trying to start a new work in a new city. These connections can greatly contribute to helping the planter find a meeting location, understand the needs of the community and identify possible partnerships for outreach.
  • Pray for the hearts of the church planter’s neighbors.
    A planter’s neighbors are often his first connections when planting a church. Pray for the planter and his family as they build relationships with the people living right next door. Pray their neighbors are transformed by the gospel as they experience true biblical community.

Pray for the planter to daily encounter hearts that are open to the gospel message.
Especially in the first days of planting, the planter will likely meet new people every day. Pray the planter sees each of these meetings as providential opportunities to share God’s love.